Les Witton Dartford 10 Results

Race Results Sunday 21st September 2014

The Full results for this year's race can be found on the following link to stuweb.


Having been flooded out in January it was with intrepidation that I looked out of the window at 5.00 on Sunday to find it was dry, clear and still. It was with equal relief that between 6.30 and 7.00 the function room at Princes Park came to life and the buzz that goes with a sporting event awoke. It was wonderful to see so many faces that have supported us over the years at both the Les Witton and the Joydens Wood Summer series making it to the final Les Witton Dartford 10.

For not the first time one of our good friends at Road Runners Peter Tucker took first prize. Dan Watt the winner of this years Dartford Half just pipped the very late entering Chris Biddle for third place with James Gordon from Cambridge Harrier taking the runners up prize. The Ladies prize went to Maria Heslop who was the clear winner, followed in by strong runs from Pru Clements, Sarah Anne Mooney, Julie Stoppani and Vicky Cooper who were all close together.

Congratulations to everyone that finished and if it was your first race over 10 miles congratulations.

Thank you for your support and we will be working to provide you with a race in the future. Please let me know what you would like!

Brian Pitkin DRR Chair

1 Peter TUCKER Dartford Harriers 00:56:41
3 Dan Watt Tonbridge AC 00:58:06
4 Chris Biddle Dartford Harriers 00:58:07
5 Neil PHILLIPS Kent A.C. 00:58:22


1 Maria HESLOP Paddock Wood AC 01:03:10
2 Pru CLEMENTS Tunbridge Wells Harriers 01:10:35
3 Sarah Anne MOONEY LARKFIELD AC 01:11:36
4 Julie STOPPANI   01:11:54
5 Vicky Cooper Barking Road Runners 01:12:44






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