This Weeks News Update

Weekly Update 11/09/17

Race results


Eridge trail 10 – GP


Today we had a decent size group at Eridge for the trail 10 miler. I thought it was much like the Rough Common KFL, except 10 miles of it. A lot of good times recorded, but the results have not been released yet. If you went, take a look at the website – the course record is under an hour!


New Forest Half


I’m told the Woods had an outing to the New Forest, with Charlotte and Steph running. Stuart was probably on facebook or something.


Great North Run


You might have seen a fairly famous guy running the Great North Run (half marathon) on TV today – yes, Keith Harvey was there.






20 minute out and back along Hawley road, starting at the junction with Princes road (Beadles). Meeting at the club for a 6.50 warm up and 7pm start to the run.

The normal session is: run for 20 minutes along Hawley road. Stop and rest for 2 minutes, then return to the start in 19 minutes.

Eridge runners – 20 minutes each way.



Terry’s track session. Starting at 7pm, £4.50 for use of the track. Go for a tune up to raise your top speed.



Mile reps from the Princes/Shepherds lane junction. Starting at 6.50 from the club for a warm up or 7.05 at the start. I would suggest the 6.50 warm up or you won’t get the benefit of the first rep.


As usual for the winter, wear bright clothing and lights if possible. I wear a shoe light because it moves more than a body light and I know for sure it has made me seen at a few dodgy junctions in the past.


If you have any ideas for new sessions, Brian and Stuart are always open to suggestions.



Diary dates


17/09       -         Faversham 10k (followed by KFL pre-season meeting)

01/10       -            Sittingbourne 10 - GP

01/10       -         Tonbridge ½

08/10       -            Ashford 10k – GP

14/10       -         Kent League XC – Stanhill farm

15/10       -         Maidstone ½ and marathon

21/10       -         Joydens XC – 5 miles

22/10       -         KFL XC – Knole Park

28/10       -         Eastbourne (Beachy head) marathon

28/10       -         Kent League XC – Somerhill school

05/11       -            Club 5k, Dartford Heath – GP

11/11       -         Kent League XC – Footscray Meadows

12/11       -         KFL XC – Swanley

25/11       -         Kent League XC – Danson Park

26/11       -         KFL XC – Oxleas Wood

16/12       -            Christmas Ball

30/12       -         Joydens XC – 7.5 miles

13/01       -         Joydens XC – 10 miles

14/01       -         KFL XC – Minnis bay

28/01       -         KFL XC – Nursted court

04/02       -         KFL XC – Rough Common (Blean)

10/02       -         Kent League XC - Sparrows Den